What can I help you with?

My clients have approached me with a number of themes, such as:

  • problems in their relationships (with partners, family members, colleagues at work, etc.)
  • stress, work overload and occupational burnout
  • loss of joie de vivre and lack of energy
  • life crises
  • loss of purpose in life
  • I also offer work on personal development.

During the initial sessions, we will agree on what issues we are dealing with, and together we’ll find what matters most.

I also offer

  • discrete counselling via Skype
  • group sessions, by arrangement
  • those in a difficult financial situation may take advantage of 12 meetings free of charge, within the auspices of the Social Clinic project

More details about my specialization

I also focus on existential themes related to personal development. The circumstances are not the issue – whether it be self-development and/or spiritual and religious experiences.


Perhaps you have started working on yourself in some way, and now you are encountering a number of new experiences. Perhaps you are having difficulties in comprehending their context. Profound and demanding themes may emerge, and psychotherapy may be of some relief. I am confident that spiritual experience and psychotherapy may really complement each other. I can also safely accompany you on this journey.


I am an active member of the Diabasis organization, so I also at the disposal of those who experience a psychological-spiritual crisis.


I employ more than 20 years of my own experience (including a long-term practice of mindfulness and insight meditation, and a systematic study of spiritual traditions in North-Western India).