When you need a guide

Do you experience anxiety, fear, hopelessness and sadness in your life?

Do you often feel under pressure?

Are you going through hard times in your life?

Are you often confused and unsure about how to carry on?


On the journey through life, which I believe we travel one step at a time, you can make a decision. To either walk through this difficult period on your own, or have an experienced guide accompany you.


As your guide, I can warn you about the sharp stones and deep waters. I can walk you through unexpected storms, tangled overgrowth and scorched deserts. Together, we will find side paths and discover new opportunities. When someone is watching quietly over you, you will have more time for yourself.


I will happily accompany you. Contact me, and we can give it a try.




I can sincerely recommend working with Pavel Veselský. I personally became his client when I felt betrayed in my long-term relationship and decided that it is not only my cash flow and physical well-being that needs to be protected, but also my mental health. It was the right choice. Pavel helped me get through not only the above-mentioned period, but he became a kind of long-term security blanket, so that I didn’t feel completely alone in times of emotional distress or uncertainty.

Pavel M. 

I have done a lot of work on myself and I think my standards for a therapist’s quality are very high. Pavel confronted my views and saw things which I was not too happy about – and I appreciate that very much. He asked me the right questions at the right time and that led to amazing insights. Thank you, Pavel, you have my greatest respect!

Tereza B.